Intelligent Automation of Document-Driven Processes

About aiINDEX

aiINDEX is an expert system that transforms image content (e.g., PDFs, TIFFs and JPGs) into highly flexible, indexed content that you can efficiently mine, manage, and export to other systems. The result is reduced data entry costs and increased productivity. aiINDEX learns to “think” like your business experts and puts that learning to work when extracting your business-critical content from such document intensive operations as processing legal filings, public records, court documens, health care claims, and contracts.

Because Mentis’ early roots were in the development of expert system software, aiINDEX takes advantage of those techniques for finding and extracting textual data from unstructured documents. As a result, it is able to detect difficult-to-recognize images and textual data (including handwritten content) that cannot be found by other software offerings that are solely based on OCR/ICR technologies.