Intelligent Automation of Document-Driven Processes

About aiREDACT

aiREDACT is a rules-based, self-learning, expert system that masks personal information from your documents such as legal filings, public records, health care claims, mortgage documents, and contracts. aiREDACT learns from your experts where to look for sensitive information in your electronic documents and then redacts that information. It is well-suited for redacting large backlogs of content as well as ensuring that sensitive information is redacted on an ongoing basis.

aiREDACT’s specialty is the redaction of large image repositories while ensuring that sensitive information is redacted on an going-forward basis. It provides a heads-down, internet data entry solution with bank-level security that is optimized for the high-speed display of images over a wide-area network (WAN) connection. Unlike other products that just apply a black rectangle to sensitive information, aiREDACT stores the coordinates of the personal information, generates a version of the document for public and internet viewing.