Intelligent Automation of Document-Driven Processes

The Technology Story

The Mentis technology platform delivers real-time savings for government agencies and businesses beleaguered by high volumes of hard copy documents. Through the use of the Mentis technology, these organizations that are responsible for hundreds of millions of legal and commercial filings have converted their operations from a cumbersome manual process to a highly automated knowledge base realizing significant gains in data entry efficiency.

aiSmartBench components flowchart

aiSmartBench™ takes advantage of the Mentis technology platform and its arsenal of powerful technology components. It is architected easily to integrate into existing document and case management systems leveraging a jurisdiction’s current investments without requiring complex system integrations. Key technology components critical to aiSmartBench™ include:

  • Full-text searching across document image content
  • Indexing and extracting of business critical data
  • Configurable workflow components
  • Bank level security and encryption
  • Secure work anywhere, web-enabled access
  • Integration management designed to export the abstracted Mentis data schema into XML standards (such as NIEM or Legal XML) as well as database formats